Monday, September 19, 2011

get some giggin soup inya!

a beautiful day with sunshine, music and a so-bad-it's-good rendition of waltzing matilda.
it was a bit of a trial-run for me, just to see how much noise we can get away with. i was half expecting noise complaints and fun police but it went off without a problem. i wouldn't want to go too much louder than that though. we had maybe 35 people there and we fit comfortably between the outside garden and the back room. beautiful performances with a wide range of music. was extra nice once the beer started flowing and setlists were thrown out in favour of improvisation.

thanks to miles for supplying the PA and mics, aleks for the decks and sara for the projector, as well as everyone who played, sang, set up, cleaned up and trashed the place. i love you all. look out for round 2 next month.

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