Sunday, October 2, 2011


The true nature of the plumbing system was revealed this week. We had a sneaking suspicion that the more bum-holes in the house would result in a blocked up the toilet...we did not foresee the unimaginable horror that lurked below. There was shit coming out of the toilet, the hole in the ground sink, and shower if it built up enough. So we had no functioning toilet. The guys got it easy...they had a luxurious storm water drain to piss in. The girls had an option to piss in the festy toilet or brave the backyard and risk exposing our tassies to the neighbourhood. Our backyard only has privacy by night. We contemplated creating a piss skirt that would keep our dignity in tact. Poos were to be done elsewhere.

Joao was elbow deep in shit trying to solve the problem...used 2 litres of draino and still didn't budge! After ringing around getting quotes from plumbers we realised that the beautiful trees lining the alley way let their sneaky roots make a home in the drains! It looked like an alien nesting in there or something. Ash hooked us up with the madest of all cunts WESLEY the plumber to fix the mess for a speacial price :D but his skills and machines were no match for the alien lare!The land lord is going to pay for the damage and hopefully in the not so distant fututure we will be able to relive our bowels inside :) ahhhh sweet reliefe. Although you kinda realise the simple pleasures in taking a the amazing feeling of washing after a camping festival or eating that food you've been crazing for millions of years. The garden and alley is full of dry leaves perfect for composting.

But with more bum-holes comes lovely people and their interesting ways. Our worm-hole home container has opened it's doors (well they have been open since day 1) but people are starting to drift through at a constant pace. Joao (and his portugese bagpipes) our friend from Portugal has came to stay...Ash and I both stayed with him in Lisboa and his projects have inspired us to create another!! This one! Big ups J! He's really embracing the Aussie culture

Its kinda cool! Its all coming together in its own way!! Joao has really instigated the lost feeling of the something...I can't explain... I lost eventually when I came back to Australia....we all discovered living outside of the matrix and them coming back in is fucking hard. We all got messed up and down. It took me a lot of guts to open up in that way again because it there is so much emotion that I had to bury. He has made a few separate reading and working areas and heaps more plans to best use the space here.

We have also been feasting like kings!! Pizza, awesome other food and FRENCH ONION SOUP cooked by a guest! MMMMMMMM!!!!

there is some real cool art starting to appear on the walls and our Shroomy Alien Skully's face always has something new happening to it. It sort of feels like its a worshiping god if you sit on the right couch!
Mojo is loving it, there are so many new people and smells to inspect and keep in order...and endless attention and affection.

So bag-pipes and shit storm aside things are really getting going! Anyone coming to stay is feeling at home and you can hear laughter first thing in the morning when you wake up! Try frown at the day...JUST TRY IT!!..Possible? IMPOSSIBLE!!! We welcome the strange strangers that aren't strangers...really.

Over and out.


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