Saturday, January 7, 2012

shepherd st garden customs

the first thing i did when i moved in was to find a bike. luckily, the bower and reverse garbage have heaps of spare parts. the first bike i restored was the middle one, a front + rear suspension mountain bike with a funny kid's bike handlebar. it's my cycling to work bike.

soon after, one of our guests eileen showed up with another old bike, a kid's pink fixed gear bike. we fixed it up nicely and now it has been restored with some mountain bike parts, perfectly useable and with a higher handlebar making it possible for short adults to use it too

two weeks ago i found a rusted old frame and decided to go full hipster and make my first fixed gear bike (in native hipsterese, "fixie"). turned out great, and everyone loves the rusted green paint job

overall, the all bikes and parts together cost me about $50. not a bad deal for free city touring

now that we got a welder for the house, expect crazier designs from our customs bike shed. featured in the pic is my smug smile for our three successful bike restorations

engineering report over, live long and prosper


  1. gps holder! tell them about the gps holder!

  2. yup, the black bike has a gps holder. still waiting on the furry dice