Saturday, August 20, 2011

first night in was a success. moved a bunch of my stuff in and we're pretty well set up with beds and a kitchen. some local squatters came by and said hi. built us a nice firepit and had some good ideas on rainwater collection and reuse. we'll definitely be putting it into practice once we've got a veggie garden going. was nice to share ideas and plans with them.

another local guy popped his head in to say hi. he makes furniture and was interested in using the place for that before we moved in. he was interested in doing some tests on the stormwater that flows in our drain and using it as greywater for plants, so i invited him to come collect some next time it rains. he also had a lot knowledge on soundproofing spaces so is going to come and help us out with that. a friend of our has access to a lot of free professional soundproofing material we can use.

it's about a 10min walk to the nearest shopping centre, which also doesn't lock their bins away at night. so we had a great dumpstering yield with plenty of fresh fruit, vegies, cheese and bread. cooked up a huge veggie stirfry and enjoyed the fire until the rain came.

it wasn't as cold as i thought it would be overnight, but the 6am planes were a bit of a problem. must buy earplugs. what a lovely flightpath we live under...

today's jobs will be hanging some kind of curtain to cover the toilet and shower, building some shelves for the kitchen and bathroom and taking down the wire fence out the back.

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