Saturday, August 13, 2011


after a minor money-related delay (commercial properties need 4 months rent as a deposit. 4 months!) the shepherd street key is with me.

i went around there this afternoon to have a proper look and plan what to do next. there's a lot more space now that the landlord moved all of his chemicals and furniture out. it's lit with fluorescent lights, but it looks like they haven't been used in a few years so most of them aren't working. i'll have to get someone who knows something about electrics to come and have a look at fixing the rest. there's a huge switchboard and a whole spaghetti of wires that i don't really want to fuck with. best to leave it to someone who knows what they're doing.
water and plumbing all seems to work fine. big plus. i even used the toilet, just to prove a point.

next steps from here:
- get someone around to look at the lights
- clean out leaves and spidies
- dividing walls for bedrooms
- set up a kitchen
- move in carpets and beds

this should take maybe one weekend of hard work and make it livable for the 3 of us, then we can start looking at setting it up for other things.

i'm not sure what the end result will be, but that's the point. personally, i would like to see a space for workshops, hosting, learning, etc. but more than that, i'd like to see a place that changes to accommodate whatever people do to it. so i do have my own selfish agenda, and i will be pursuing that, but will actively try to avoid influencing the place too much. if that makes sense. i'm just curious to see what people will do when you give them a free space to use without any restrictions or rules.

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