Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Coming of the Piano

The Shepherd st Warhouse welcomes a new blue member to the building. Sadly not a smurf... A piano, a 120 year old piano that a bored housewife bought, painted blue, then gave away to some desperate poor musicians thanks to the handy- gumtree.

Here is a breakdown of how it came into being in the warehouse.

1. Bored Tamika searches Gumtree for a “job”

2. Then somehow finds herself in the free section

3. “A free blue Piano!” She exclaims to Joao. “Well email them, lets do it!” Replies Joa

4. The email is written.

5. The next day a reply that someone else is interested too but if the scummy kids from Marrickville get there first its all ours. Done!

6. Enter Eugine 10am- a German couch surfer. Tamika and Joao both unable to drive legally in Australia. The Couch surfing initiation begins

7. A Ute is hired from the Servo on the corner.

8. The drive to Curl Curl, long, lost and excited for its was the first time Tamika and Eugine will cross the Infamous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

9. The arrival at the house. “hello, I'm here to pick up the piano” states Tamika to an elderely man, confused he says “umm no, not from this house” “Hmm, well then” replys Tamika as she walks back down the stairs to the ute.

10. The troublesome threesome double check the address and it is confirms that it is number 45 not 44.

11. The classic Aussie ute is reversed into the drive way and they walk around the back of the house- a nice house it is, a pool, lawn, and a picture- perfect husband and wife with cure kids.

12. The piano is spotted and smiles all around

13. The smiles soon fade when the trio tries to lift the blue beast. With help from the lovely wife they all finally get it to the Ute. Impending rain and thunder are seen in the distance.

14. With a huff and a puff the piano is on the Tray, with help from Tamikas Slackline

15. The Warehouse reps squish themselves back into the Ute and begin the long drive home. With a piano.

16. A pizza order is placed for 30min time at the local pizzeria

17. They pick the pizzas up

18. The arrival at the Shepherd st Warehouse is met with excited couch surfers confused tenants and goon

19. Pizza and goon are consumed to replenish the tired removalists.

20. Then the Smurfiano is lifted off the back of the ute and placed at its new home in Marrickville. It goes surprisingly well with the deco, the tuning isn’t that bad and it shall remain forever.

And in 20easy steps, and $100 (28 on pizza) we welcome a blue piano to the residence of Shepherd st.

Since then we had an amazing Italian boy shred it up rag time style, lots of tinkerers plus it’s a very valuable part in the Jam seshs.

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