Sunday, November 27, 2011

i haven't posted here in a long while. been very busy with my last weeks at work and then was traveling for a bit. it has given me a chance though to think a bit more about the place and the direction that it's headed in. 

when i started out on this project i was wary to attach any kind of solid goals or plans to the place. i was simply curious to see what would happen if you provide a public space, free of charge, without any real restrictions or rules. we've had an amazing few months. travelers from all over the place connecting and sharing space together. lots of goon and cigarettes. cool artwork all over the place. occasional impromptu jam sessions and backyard fires. it's been great.

i have to admit though, that i was hoping for something a little different. not that i don't value the stuff that's been going on and the people we've met through it all, but since we moved in around the middle of august, there has been only one organised gig. i'd like to see more of this, as well as workshops, discussions and projects. there are hundreds of places in sydney where you can drink goon and have a party. i think the garden is capable of more than we're using it for.

anyway, enough whinging about it. what am i going to do?

personally, i'm going to move away from CS a bit. CSers are in the most part, amazing, interesting, productive people. but, it's a fact that CSers are primarily looking for a free bed. they don't usually arrive with the idea that they're going to be a part of a project. i'm writing up a profile for helpx and will start looking for guests through there. i'll draw up a list of projects that would benefit the house/community (things like gardening, setting up a water reuse system, organising gigs) as well as the boring maintenance stuff (cleaning, cooking, rubbish disposal) and maybe ask for 1-2 hours of assistance a day. realistically, this is less time than many CSers donate to the place, but i think this way we'll have a more even distribution of work and more productivity.

i've shied away from too much structure and organisation so far, worried that i would be stifling creativity or freedom. but now i think that a bit of careful structure and planning would make the place run a lot better for everyone involved. i'm not talking about rules and restrictions and "do-not"s (no zip, smoking will not be banned as long as i have a say in it :p), just setting a bit of a common goal for the place so people who want to get involved have some direction.


p.s. if you're up brissie way make time to visit these guys. they're running a beautiful hosting house/permaculture garden up there. i'm glad i had the chance to chat with them about their philosophy and the see how they manage the heavy hosting that they're doing.


  1. ahh the young'un is growing up. Congrats!

    Goals, organisation, who woulda thought one needed any of that!

  2. you wanted to know what happens without rules and regulations - the inner selfish bone kicks in and everyone does thier own thing.

  3. im glad to see your freinds at orwells arent into sanitation or animal liberation, or any of that other boring stuff.

  4. i was hoping for some thoughtful input, but i guess anonymous internet sarcasm works too.

    keep it up, kids!