Thursday, December 1, 2011

our first helpxer

our profile is up and running, and i've had a bunch of requests already. i've noticed a pretty big difference between these ones and the cs guests. while a cs request will typically read something like "hi! :):) i'll be in sydney from __ to __ and i need a place to stay", the helpx ones are more interested about the project and what we're working on. helpxers tend to wait for me so suggest dates and length of stay (i haven't had a single person request a particular date yet) and it's just generally more formal. like they're applying for a job rather than a bed in a messy warehouse. i've stopped accepting CS requests, but might still accept them if they're happy to be a part of the project as a helpxer would.

i've gone and broken our 2 week rule for harmen, a dutch engineer who has been staying with us as a tag along CSer. apart from being a generally cool dude, he's very hardworking and interested in helping with the place. i spoke to him about helpxing and he's going to stay on until tuesday doing that. while i respect and agree that we need to have some kind of consistency with our guests, rather than just making exceptions for the ones we personally get along with, i think harmen is a good place to start with my new way of hosting. he understands the place and is willing to be involved while i figure out exactly how i'm going to run it.

one of our guests dorthe is going to run a little house meeting tonight. she's run bigger, functioning communities in the past and is very into the organisational side of things, so it will be interesting to see how she does things. i'll post a rundown of what happens later on.

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