Sunday, December 4, 2011

the new sink and lighting

we've been engineeringly busy here. two of our several simple but
useful projects were a working sink and light switches.

one of the challenges of communal kitchens is the clutter and how much
washing up is always necessary. our previous setup was ok, but it was
making people do the washing in the bathroom, since there we had
working plumbing versus the bucket in the kitchen. so we got some
proper plumbing gear, drew up a sink and set it up in a better place.
now our sink has a working drain and tap, which has made our washing
up much easier. the whole setup was made out of scrap stuff, except
the drain connections, courtesy of the bower.

another issue has been the lighting, which until now was all connected
to a single socket. if anyone would get up in the middle of the night
and wanted just to heat up something in the kitchen, they'd have to
light up the whole place. so now thanks to the new switches, we can
selectively turn on lights in the kitchen, bathroom and living room.
in fact, the light is so good in the bathroom now that we had to
double up the curtain, since the light from the inside made the
existing one transparent. not nice if you're showering.

depicted are also the new occupied sign for the bathroom and the
removed doors from the kitchen. the whole space is now much more open
and makes it easier to cook big meals.

another side effect of rewiring the place is that now we have two
sockets on the back room, which until now has had little use, but
hopefully will be turned into a small workshop

end of engineering report. live long and prosper

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