Friday, December 9, 2011

our scrum board

one of the challenges of community living is knowing who does what and
what's to do.

transparency is essential because it prevents the "i never see you
doing anything" type of conflict.

some structure is also necessary to help everyone know how to contribute.

in order to tackle these problems (and prevent the bumming around) i
proposed a stateful task board similar to what's used in software
development. though these are totally different worlds, they both
share the need for a system that promotes creativity and positive
group interactions

each column represents a state of a task: to do, after this bong, work
in progress, done.

each postit is color coded: green not important, pink important.
people are assigned using yellow postits with their names.

as work progresses, new tasks are added and old ones are cleared out
periodically. one side effect of transparency is that it makes clear
who contributes and who doesn't, which in turn encourages

it's still not clear if it's going to last, but for now i'm very
pleased with the outcome, and don't mind being the scrum master while
everyone gets used to the idea

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